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It is really hard to give a flat rate for certain ‘jobs’. I want to stress that each result will be different, no two contest results would be the same, or social media campaign. I am really flexible to work with any budget and will make sure to give you your money’s worth.

WordPress Installation

I charge $50 for a WordPress installation.  I will tweak your WordPress blog to make it a little more SEO friendly, like change the URL structure and other settings. The installation will also include several plugins that I use on all of my blogs, as well as an installation of one theme of your choice. Extra customization and monetize help, is extra.

Please note that I do not do any graphics for your blog, but I can definitely set you up with very creative people who will make graphics at a low price.


I do not have a flat rate on this, as I mentioned every campaign is different due to the wants and needs of the results. Certain campaigns can run anywhere from $20 to $500 depending on what you are looking for, such as results, criteria, time of project, and requirements. If you are looking for ideas of different ways to market your blog, website or business and just need a consultant I could also do that for a fee. With my experience and flexibility something can be worked out.+

Social Media

Whether you are looking to gain website traffic and visitors to your blog or website, or build up your own social media profile, I can do that for you. Depending on the results you are looking for as well as your budget, will determine a price.

I work mostly with Stumbleupon, but that could be adapted to whichever social media website you are looking to build.

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